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ECMS is so much more than a simple storage and retrieval system. ECMS uses advanced technologies designed to confirm exemption certificates are valid before they get stored and notify you of any possible issues.

ECMS uses advanced technologies designed to confirm exemption certificates

Certificate Integration & Validation

ECMS validates certificates


Digitize physical files quickly & easily. We can validate certificates as they come in and provide a preliminary audit review to save you time & money down the road.

ECMS handles all incoming sales tax exemption certificates


Seamlessly import any and all customer data. Any data gaps or additional data collection can be handled by our SOC 2 certified ECMS team.

We verify all data on exempt forms and certificates


Our ECMS team can thoroughly vet any form requirement, including supporting legal requirements, to ensure you are liability free when it comes to exemption certificates.

Certificate Collection & Retention

ECMS campaign feature

Create a Campaign

Our create a campaign feature gives clients the flexibility to collect customer data quickly & easily, on their own terms. Set the campaign preferences and watch ECMS do its thing.

We tailor ECMS settings


Tailor ECMS settings to make it work for your business. Our ECMS team can handle all incoming certificates, including requests, verifications, and outreach.

Custom sales tax certificate solutions that mesh seamlessly

Custom Solutions

Not all data systems mesh seamlessly, but that doesn't stop us. Whether it's a custom export tool for internal use or a modified integration system, we can build it.